Yeshivat Bat Ayin was established to inspire a new generation of students grappling with the challenge of how to infuse their torah study with enthusiasm, spirituality and openness. Actualy aware of the issues facing klal yisrael and all of humanity, the yeshivas vision is rooted in the depth of classical torah study and the expansive ideas and teachings of the chassidic movement.

Students explore the depths and complexities of these teachings while striving to translate and adapt them to contemporary realities. Intensive study of the classic torah texts focuses on the integration of knowledge rather than acquisition.

Over the years the yeshiva has created a forum for serious yet innovative torah study and experiential jewish living. An open environment fosters intellectual and creative thought and action. Students are empowered to pursue individual goals guided by a clear, moral and emotional compass where jewish ideals and values underlie their every aspiration and achievement.

Established as an institution for overseas english speaking students, several years ago the yeshiva underwent a dramatic and conscious shift in the makeup of the student population. Believing that the yeshivas unique approach can play a critical role in fostering an integrated, spiritual, contemporary yet traditional, model of jewish living for israeli society the yeshiva refocused on an israeli student population. Students are now primarily israelis, newly observant baale teshuva, as well as those seeking to deepen and intensify their jewish life.

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