Born in Brooklyn New York, "Rav Natan" as he is usually known made aliyah after high school. After a year of hiking the land and studying in yeshiva, Rav Natan joined the IDF, serving as a tank driver. On completing his service  he returned to the yeshiva world of intense talmudic study, studying for years, first in the har etzion yeshiva and subsequently in Jerusalem. Feeling the need for a broader education he took a "break" from his yeshiva studies to major in modern jewish history at the Hebrew University (where he completed his masters degree).

It was at this time that Rav Natan encountered and was strongly attracted to the rich spiritual world of hassidism. Finding the teachings and spiritual practice of the hassidic masters and in particular those of rabbi nachman of bratzlav compelling and deeply insightfull he delved into their study and practice, studying  and living for years in hassidic yeshivas and communities. At the same time Rav Natan remained committed and connected to the values and perspectives of modern society. Rav Natan has for years, explored and taught the path by which these teachings can be a relevant and enriching source for a vibrant, committed, contemporary jewish life practice.

Over the years Rav Natan has worked as a farmer, tour guide, high school teacher and outreach proffessional before returning to his true passion of teaching torah. After recieving rabbinic ordination Rav Natan his wife Ruth and their children spent  three years as jewish agency shlichim doing outreach work in southern california. working with jewish teens and college students on and off campus they worked closely with hillel the jewish federation and communities to reach unaffiliated teens and young adults.

it was after their return from California that Rav Natan founded the Bat Ayin Yeshiva (where he has remained as Rosh Yeshiva to the present time) as an educational institution of higher jewish learning to further his unique vision of spiritual path to a committed and contemporary jewish life.

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