Born in Brooklyn New York, "Rav Natan" as he is usually known made aliyah after high school. After a year of hiking the land and studying in yeshiva, Rav Natan joined the IDF, serving as a tank driver. On completing his service  he returned to the yeshiva world of intense talmudic study, studying for years, first in the har etzion yeshiva and subsequently in Jerusalem. Feeling the need for a broader education he took a "break" from his yeshiva studies to major in modern jewish history at the Hebrew University (where he completed his masters degree).

It was at this time that Rav Natan encountered and was strongly attracted to the rich spiritual world of hassidism. Finding the teachings and spiritual practice of the hassidic masters and in particular those of rabbi nachman of bratzlav compelling and deeply insightfull he delved into their study and practice, studying  and living for years in hassidic yeshivas and communities. At the same time Rav Natan remained committed and connected to the values and perspectives of modern society. Rav Natan has for years, explored and taught the path by which these teachings can be a relevant and enriching source for a vibrant, committed, contemporary jewish life practice.

Over the years Rav Natan has worked as a farmer, tour guide, high school teacher and outreach proffessional before returning to his true passion of teaching torah. After recieving rabbinic ordination Rav Natan his wife Ruth and their children spent  three years as jewish agency shlichim doing outreach work in southern california. working with jewish teens and college students on and off campus they worked closely with hillel the jewish federation and communities to reach unaffiliated teens and young adults.

it was after their return from California that Rav Natan founded the Bat Ayin Yeshiva (where he has remained as Rosh Yeshiva to the present time) as an educational institution of higher jewish learning to further his unique vision of spiritual path to a committed and contemporary jewish life.

Rabbi Yisrael Frenkel-Ram

rabbi yisroel frenkel was born in New York. In high school he studied in "Yeshivat Hefetz Hayim" in Baltimore (Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim – Talmudical Academy, Baltimore). He later studied for six years at the "Heichal HaTorah" Yeshiva in Har-Nof, Jerusalem, with Rabbi Tzvi Kushelevsky Shalita. From there he continued to Maor Isaiah, where he studied for 15 years.  

Rav Yisrael was editor of for two years for the Annotated Shulchan Aruch "Oz Ve Hadar", and has served for a year as a magid sheur at the Mir yeshiva in Jerusalem. Rabbi Yisrael is a madrich chatanim abd arrange workshops on self-improvement (tikkun hamidot). Rabbi Frenkel's house is open to to all. He believes that it is important for people to ask questions and seek answers, and wants to create a vibrant and lively relationship between his students, and the Torah and Hashem.

 In 2017, Rav Yisrael joined the yeshiva as a full time staff member at Bat-Ayin yeshiva

HaRav Nir Kadosh- Ram

I was born in 1976 to a Mesorati family. Towards the end of the high school I started to strengthen spiritually and after a short stint in Machon Meir I moved over to Yeshivat Otni'el where I studied for 5 years mainly with Rav Re'em HaCohen the Rosh yeshiva.

I served in the army in the armored core in Hesder.

After Hesder, I learned in Kefar  Habad under Rav Yitzhak Ginzburg for a short while then I learned in Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav with Rabbi Mordechai Sternberg, and completed my Semicha in the  Rabanut HaRashit (Chief Rabbinate). 


After my marriage we lived a few years on a hilltop in the Judean desert near Mitzpe Yericho and learned "Iyun" in a Litai Kollel under the auspicies of harav M. Shapira Shlita. Then we werte zoche to move to bat Ayin (where we lived for 13 years) and I continued my studies in kollel "Shimon HaTzadik" by harav Yeshayahu Doron Shlita for another 7 years.


In 2006, we went on a shlichut to India through "Lev Yehudi" to meet and Mekarev "Amcha Israel" to our father in heaven. We were in Hampi and Darmasla for 6 months and it was our zechut to be in contact with thousands of Israelis on treks there.

When we moved back to Bat Ayin I continued in my Keruv work.


5 years ago I joined the staff of Yeshivat Bat Ayin where I teach Bekiut, Hasmacha Lerabanut, Limud Chassidut – mostly the works of Rabenu Hakadosh Moharan of Breslav and his students.

Rav Raz Hartman - Ram

About 18 years ago, a young gifted musician came to Yeshivat Bat Ayin embarking a spiritual path.

Born in May 17, 1973 for a traditional Israeli family, who had relocated to Los Angeles, Rav Raz received B.A. in music from the University of Southern California. There he met 2 people who would change his life forever. HaRav Shlomo Carlebach, and HaRav Natan Greenberg, that time a campus shaliach from Israel.

Rav raz started the process of Chazara Beteshuva" did his army service and then enrolled at Yeshivat Bat Ayin. He studied at the yeshiva for 6 years, married Leah Triling, and has 7 children

He also was Zoche to become a Talmid of Rav Menachem Fruman z"l.

Rav Raz received Semicha in the Yeshiva, and 12 years ago he moved to Nachlaot in Jerusalem, where he became the rav of Kehilat "Va'Ani Tefilati". In addition he teaches in Nishmat and other Midrashot.

Rabbi Raz has produced 4 musical albums: Shabbat Olam, Shuva, HaMakom Sheli, and Be'er Mayim Chayim, with Gabriel Goldfeder..


This past we are pleased that Rav Raz joined our staff as a Ram – returning home.

Rav Tzviki Eisenstock - Ram

Married to Emuna + 2.
Born in 1990 in America but spent most of my life in Efrat, Gush Etzion. Attended Orot Yehuda high school. Was a combat soldier in Givati and a noncommissioned officer in basic training for soldiers of the Givati unit.
I spent time in the far east and during that period started the process of "Chazara Beteshuva", partly through the influence of  Batei Chabad, but mainly by learning about rabbi Nachman and his Torah.
After I returned to Israel in 2003 I started learning in Yeshivat Bat Ayin, first as a bachelor, then as a Kollel student for 7 years. In 2020 joined the staff of the yeshiva

Rav Malachi - Ram

Rav Malachi Rosenberg
38 years old, Married + 10.
I have been in the field of education for 13 years, in various programs for youth and "chozrim betshuva". I write and published sifrei chassidut.

Rav Refael - Ram

married + 4. Lives in Kfar-Etzion. Studied in Ateret-Cohanim, Yeshivat Reuta and Kollel Rabbanut in Yeshivat Har Etzion. I have a B.Ed. from michlelet Moreshet Yaakov in Rechovot. For the last few years I've been zoche to learn and teach in Yeshivat Bat Ayin with much appreciation to the place and Hashem

Chaim Livne - Manka"l

Chaim Livne has a long term relationship with Yeshivat Bat Ayin. for many years as the head of the Amuta – Merkaz Chinuchi Bat Ayin and at present Manka"l Hayesiva.

Chaim has a B.A. in economics and an M.A. in Jewish education.

He initiated the opening of the pre-army Mechina in Beit Yatir and administrated the program for the first 7 years. After that he was the Mancal of Orot Etzion for many years.

Chaim has been the assistant director of camp Moshava I.O for the last 20 years. 

Chaim and his wife Naava live in Beit Yatir in the southern Hebron Hills and have 7 children.

Bruria Shacham

Married + 4.
B.Ed. in the sciences.
Lives in Efrat.
Bruria has much experience in secretarial work and office management. She has all the administrative solutions for the yeshiva and its students.

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